How to repel Rats at our House

ake sure your trap is attached to the right for your bait is not in vain. 6. Camphor. Destroy crude camphor and then spread on the places that used to pass a mouse. This method is quite effective. Cheap. Rats gone, your house will be fragrant. The important thing to remember is keep cleaning. Let’s live a healthy life by minimizing the presence of disease-carrying rats into your home. Hopefully helpful! …

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Tips before buying a used house

1. Try to buy a house from the owner himself. How to buy a second home it is best to directly from the owner himself / without an intermediary, because there you can obtain detailed information about the house which I bought. In addition to direct purchase, the price will be cheaper because the sellers do not need to give commission to the broker / intermediary. 2. Choose a broker / intermediary the right. If you are forced to buy a house

How to repel termites and ants in the house

’s how termites gain “needs” to be kept alive. They built a “home” to where he’s looking for food in the form of “corridors” long and narrow. In some areas, termites build their houses so high, they were unique luxury homes built by termites that is blind you know. Termites and ants are one “family” of the Order Hymenoptera, but one difference is that termites need food timber (cellulo…

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