Advantage and Disadvantage of living in Apartment

apartemen Advantage and Disadvantage of living in Apartment

For housing options, such as building a house in the form of horizontal not the only option. Now, a vertical like apartment buildings have been much ogled for shelter. There are advantages and disadvantages of its own to live in an apartment than staying at home. In addition, choosing the right apartment is also very important so as not to suffer loss and regret in the future. What are the plus minus lived in an apartment? Then how do I choose the right apartment?

Advantage of Living in Apartments

In big cities, many property developers to build apartments bloom. This is because interest to stay in a vertical residential buildings in urban areas is quite large. The causes include lack of land to establish settlements horizontal or houses in urban areas and land prices are already expensive. While the apartments are built vertically require less land so the price is more affordable.

Congestion is common in big cities can cause fatigue when I had to leave or come home from work. Apartments are usually built in strategic locations, which is close to business or office. So, by staying in an apartment close to where the work will be able to reduce fatigue and stress on the road. You can also arrive at the shelter more quickly so that more rest time.

The busy life of urban communities and quickly make the choice to live in an apartment is considered more practical. Apartment units are usually not very large, so the time and energy needed to clean the room is not too much. They are also not bothered to take care of the garden, disposal facilities, water, or air circulation because there has been the manager in charge of it.

Security level is also better because of the 24-hour guard and CCTV monitoring, so that residents can be more calm when I have to leave his unit. This is important because most urban communities that work will spend more time outside, either for working, dining or recreation.

Facilities available in the apartments is also the main attraction. Fitness Facilities such as fitness center, swimming pool, jogging track, playground, mini market, restaurants, cafes, and other facilities will make the apartment dwellers do not have to go far to meet their needs.

Disadvantage of living in Apartment

Besides the advantages of the apartment, there is also a shortage of living in an apartment you need to know. For example, maintenance costs (maintenance fee) or service charge to be paid every month. This fee is to pay for electricity usage in public places, elevators, cleaning public areas, the cost of security, cleanliness, and others. This fee is usually calculated per square meter of area apartment units owned.

Living in apartments is not as free to stay home, because there are rules of the managers who must be obeyed. For example the prohibition to bring pets. For those of you who love plants, you can not freely planted many plants in the absence of land. You also must be of equal weight will feel when listening to music or other activities so as not to disturb other residents. Spacious apartment that is not too large may not be preferable for those who have been accustomed to live at home with square footage.

The level of socialization is very little apartment dwellers. Seldom met with residents of the adjacent and closed room minimize socialization relationship between neighbors. Coupled with a high level of activity of each occupant, create intimacy and helping attitude in this reduced occupancy.

Value of apartments for long-term investment is lower compared to buying a home. If an apartment units sold after a period of time long enough, the selling price will be lower than the selling price of a house. As more land for housing at least so that land prices will be more expensive.

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